Saturday, January 11, 2014



Well aim. click. upload according to Kim Kardashian. on January 4, 2014 the picture above got all up in Instagram's guts, then the comments came pouring out... and not about how sexy Kim's post-baby body is slowing getting back to her Ray J days, it was about how wavy that door is in the background and does it come in turquoise?
When Kim Kardashian takes an instagram selfie, it goes to her 12.2+ followers (so you can imagine how many comments are generated with each upload) apparently Kim thinks that her abs and ass are so much of a distraction that they'll never see the distortion in the background...but she was wrong

She didn't reply to any of those comments, but on January 10, 2014 she replied to a twitter follower that @'d her injections and disagrees with the photoshop rumors and claims that wavy doors do indeed exist  

ya umm. no need to include the rest of that tweet. Because apparently Kim purchased her wavy door at her local Lowe's or something.

But on another note. can you really imagine Kim saying "Preach" LOL <--that was my LOL btw. not hers! I mean all i see when she's on my television screen is a blank soul and eyelashes. i rarely hear her speak, but when she does it's about her, her and her. But eh! Maybe it's just me 

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