Thursday, January 9, 2014


What is going on right here?

Mariah and hubby Nick Cannonball posed for the February 2014 edition of Ebony magazine. so apparently morocco and macaroni were in the kid's section of the pool. Most couples pose like this -- with the smile, the smurk and the occasional leg up. BUT
fully dressed, with shoes on, body halfway submerged in the pool??? who does that? i know somewhere Lady GaGa is like "DAM! i was going to do that next week" FLASHBACK i remember when the Bye Bye music video came out, i seen this "publicity stunt" happen right before my very eyes. But years later, i came to realize THIS IS A REAL COUPLE!

Mariah's new album was expected to drop this summer, but Mariah tweeted While making this album, I got so immersed in the creative process that I just don’t feel I would be doing it justice to release it on July 23”  --

so apparently it might be pushed back even more. Does this mean that "Beautiful" might not be on this album, since Beautiful's video and song dropped when i was still in the womb? Unlike some, i like the song "Beautiful," even tho the video looks like she has a tree frog hanging for dear life under her lingerie, and she's trying to make it jump out OR into her vagina. 

Her third single of the album is scheduled to drop Valentines' Day 2014. while we wait for that, you can take a listen to her second single "Art Of Letting Go" please note: you might need a glass of wine and 4 butterflies in a tightly-closed jar, so you can let them out as soon as the song ends


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