Tuesday, January 7, 2014


SO I FINALLY LAUNCHED MY FIRST WEBSITE EVER!!! It's weird typing a blog VS making a vlog on my youtube , and sending it out to the world that i connected with since 2008. Well, hoping most of them are still with me. I've grown since i started making videos, and I predict that i'll be growing more while balancing the two out.

NOW LET ME TELL YOU WHAT TO EXPECT ON HERE Every day, i wake up (Thank God) and go on twitter, check my email, and surf numerous blog sites and immediately get giddy giddy about some of the topics concerning "celebrities." It's like a natural high by reading comments and saying to myself "I just said the same dam thing in my head" - But don't get it twisted - I love debating as well. I don't call people that disagree with my opinion(s) "haters" because 1.) I DESPISE THAT WORD (people use that word so loosely, that it just pisses me off ..) and 2.) they're just people that disagree with MY opinion.

ON THIS WEBSITE I will mainly be writing about celebrities, hottest topics, music videos, "reality" tv, my favorite tv shows and of course my personal life. OK THAT IS ALL! SPREAD THE WORD BY LIKING THIS PAGE AND COMMENTING

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