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Pay attention people!!! Because this is THE LAST blog about the Coven. due to THIS being the season finale

If you Read More just make sure you know that the next section is a ----SPOILER ALERT

so the episode started out with Misty's idol Stevie Nicks walking and singing thru the house touching walls like she was as blind as Cordelia.

a Telekinesis challenge, reminiscent to a hot dog contest, was in action. --meanwhile Myrtle Snow smoked that cig like she was the next supreme

Challenge number 2 - long story short Misty died

the rest of the girls spent the same amount of time that a newscaster spends talking about a persons' death. .....then Zoe died during a 'dangerous' game of freeze tag

Precious tried to bring her back to life. but she failed. So ...WHOOPED! she's not the next supreme - back to the chicken plant she goes

Madison is the only one left, so the coven looking at her like "bitch. bring her back ho" but brought a dead fly back instead, because she believes that a fly's life is more valuable that vagina killers.

Myrtle insisted Cordelia participates in the 7 wonders contest too 

during the 6th challenge - Divination aka the marbles' challenge. --> Cordelia won that county fair game , because Madison (diva bitch) gave up.

then bitch went packing after giving a TMZ shoutout, and while packing suitcases, her neck ran into that crazy blonde, insanely dark eyed dude's arm first class style (I wasn't surprised tho. remember, she's the same chick that was 2 seconds away from putting a lit cigarette into her vagina.) SHE DIES

Cordelia completes the 7 wonders by bringing back Zoe 'long haired, boring, kill a dude with her own vagina' back. then Cordelia faints. (more authentic-like than Lisa Vanderpump's faint on DWTS)

Cordelia wakes up after a commercial break and her eyes find their way back to it's sockets, while Precious, Myrtle, Zoe and her boyfriend Kyle, is surrounding her (Cordelia.) -

suddenly Cordelia (THE NEW SUPREME) is giving a state of the union address to the world, acting like she wasn't blind 10 seconds ago.

- "when you hide in the shadows, you are less visible. you have less protection. we'll always be targets for the ignorant. it is what it is" she says.

Myrtle (the queen bitch of this whole episode) wrote her verbal suicide note to Cordelia about killing another witch is wrong, (flashback of her cupping another witch's eyes out) .

Cordelia: "you want to be burned at the stake, ...... again??"

Myrtle: "but the last thing you need, is a watergate (scandal) ....i killed - and i must pay for it..i want my death to have a meaning. and I MUST be punished."

Cordelia: "NO! no way, you were my mother, my true mother...and i can't do this without you"

Myrtle: "everything you do or say ripples thru this entire coven. you must not be a hypocrite. i won't stand for it"

QUEEN BITCH dies! red hair went into red flame while yelling her one last word, the fashion house "Balenciaga" 

FIONA IS BACKKKKK!!! -- Cordelia walked into the room and told her mother "I saw you die"

Fiona: "Look again, now that you have real vision"

*Flashback* "Im going to Paris just for a couple of days, just until Cordelia gives her little dwarfs to perform the 7 wonders, and i find out who the next supreme is...because the old supreme will be dead, well at least that's just what she'll (Cordelia) think!"

Fiona needed dude's (her guide) back . by inducing a drink to get him to think that he really killed her by planting an axe and some goat's blood.

PRESENT DAY -  Cordelia's real eyes. and Fiona's real hair come face to face with a cigarette between them. 

Fiona: "i have to die, for you to truly live....every time i look at you, i see my own death, you are a constant reminder of my worst fear" 

*Cordelia cries" 

Fiona: "....crying over me. Isn't that the ultimate twist (sarcasm)" 

Cordelia: "I'm not crying over you, I'm crying for ME, you were the monster in every one of my crying over the girl that dies when you die"    

 -----Fiona insist that Cordelia kills her with the knife, conveniently placed on the end table in between them. Fiona grabs it then walks towards her daughter but Cordelia confirms that Fiona has to kill herself  "for it to be no power, no magic, just a woman facing the inevitable....just a woman finally having a human experience...none can help you mother..and the only way out is thru. to feel the fear, the pain. to let it all in, to let it all go" 

they hug. they cry. FIONA "DIES!!"

BUT WAIT!!! IF you buy 2 dead Fionas you can get 1 for free (just pay shipping and handling) --because Fiona wakes up in the bed, roosters sounding in the background. her guide holds a catfish that meets her eyes and says "...every morning you wake up, and you act like you don't know who you are, and then we fight, I'm tired of fighting. can't put a price on eternity" and insist she lays off the sauce for awhile. Fiona shouts "I CAN'T SPEND ETERNITY HERE" ...

remember when she was with the devil pleading for him to give her immortality, and to "seal the deal" he went in to kiss her but then said "the deal is have no soul" ??? well when she died in Cordelia's arms, (pic above) her soul came back to existence, unbeknownst to her. ....and THEN she woke up in that bad, reeking of catfish and eternity.

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