Wednesday, February 19, 2014


In the latest episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta "Dropping The Ball" episode, Nene’s excuse for not rsvp’ing to the Saving Our Daughters' charity event (one of many that Nene works with,) was that Kenya failed to even call her. but viewers know that she at least “opened the email” (proof provided by Kenya Moore and her macbook itself.) So as a good samaritan Ms. Leakes sashayed her way into the event...and the body of clouds began to form above to produce an ambiance of SHHAAADDEEE! 

and to add another cloud to this event, unbeknownst to Nene, Kenya announced that Ms. Leakes will be giving a speech. Nene got up and almost clocked Kenya with that mic like Rihanna did a fan at one of her concerts. In Nene’s defense of saying “this is just Kenya playing one of her stupid games” - Kenya, former miss USA, should know that people need to be prepared for things like this, and one being a speech

After the mic hit kenya’s hand, Nene’s heels hit the pavement and reversed her way back to her car UNTIL peter wanted to speak all loud at his wife, Cynthia, and say he didn’t think it was right for Nene to behave like that. Nene said “Excuse me Peterrrrr? …” hell broke loose and that’s that. This is how the conversation went down....

Peter: I think whatever beef you have with Kenya??…this is a charity event

Nene: whatever do you mean?

Peter: seriously?

Nene: Dead A$$

Peter: you made everybody feel uncomfortable. the tension almost made me burn the rice i was promoting

Greg: roof roof roof

Nene: none of these b*tches here are on the level that i am on and i will never argue with any of them (but i will throw a bottle at their a** next week on a baseball field)

Peter: Uncle Ben is just a fantastic brand of rice, and i refuse to let you sponsor them anymore given the circumstances

Many might ask why Nene has been so upset lately. maybe because she has no job or maybe it’s because Kenya knows how to twirl her butt into the spotlight while having Ms. Leakes be her fiddle that she plays oh so well. hmmmmm. all i know is Nene better stop acting all uppity for no reason because “what the Lord giveth. the Lord can taketh away”


Anywhoooo - Sources with people at this event said bids weren’t of the magnitude Bravo portrayed them to be and the Saving Our Daughters charity event never received "the thousands of dollars" Ms. Moore help raise, and so maybe Nene was right to go off like that, because if it is in her name, she would not want a scheme like this connected to her brand. but i aint believing any of those bishes that bidded “$580.00" or “$440.00” had that money to their name FOR that charity event anyways. take it how you want it. #SorryNotSorry

ps. and as for mama Joyce’s voicemail and rumors about paying the girl off to set Todd up…

all pics courtesy of Bravo

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