Friday, February 7, 2014


Out of all these pictures on her Instagram, do you question if it’s really Beyonce, herself, posting?

The most recent Instagram picture, happens to be the one of her and Kelly Rowland on the beach in red bikinis -Cancun 2001 (as a #tbt picture -Throw Back Thursday.) But if you’re a true fan of the Destiny’s Child franchise, you would had realized that 2 members were cropped out. 

This isn’t the first time a cropped picture of Beyonce ended up on her instagram. The other happens to be the one with her and Aaliyah (served as a tribute to the “I Miss You” singer,) ironically on Beyonce’s version it cropped out Kelly. to add fuel to the fire, “Beyonce” uploaded the picture AFTER Kelly uploaded the original version. 


One commenter noticed the “shade” and said "Kelly posts pic of Aaliyah, Beyonce sees pic crops Kelly out and posts it."  (can you imagine if kelly cropped out Beyonce?)

I don’t follow Beyonce on Instagram, mainly because I don't have an Instagram. I choose not to have it on my phone, mainly because 90% of my pictures would be pictures of food. But i decided to blog about this, because many comments defend her actions, but a few decide to look deeper into the situation. Let’s check the statistics ....

with over 13.2 Million followers on Twitter. she only has 8 tweets, since she officially signed on to twitter on April 2012 - her tweets are sort of a promo for her work and interests (which isn’t bad.) Even tho people see Beyonce taking pictures with her fans, and surprise them by jumping out of black suvs with her concert tickets, she cannot be everywhere at once, so that is why people want to see Beyonce interact, social media wise (due to her fans being all around the world) 

with over 56.2 Million likes on Facebook. her bio states “The official view into my world.” but her posts seems familiar with information you can copy & paste from Google

and as for her Blog - some question if it’s really her posting, jokingly stating that "she doesn’t even write her own lyrics, how can she write a whole blog?” 

So with all this being said, do YOU think it’s really Beyonce behind the keyboard? or is a team posting for her?

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If you ask me - i see Beyonce sitting like this, while watching Blue Ivy do all the posting. Just Sayin

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