Friday, February 14, 2014

MY OPEN LETTER TO MARIAH - (You're Mine) Music Video Review


     I seen your latest video. thank you for releasing it on Valentine’s Day (via Vevo) btw. But WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT????!?!! Did the "You’re Mine (Eternal)" music video come with a receipt? Have you gave up on videos? Your choice of words are magnificent. Actually, your vocabulary is what made me fall and Stay In Love with you. I am not your manager, nor your publicist, but if you’re going to release imageries of you sitting on a dam rock for 3 minutes and 47 seconds , imma need you to crawl under it while screaming in the 8th octave (which is completely optional.) As soon as i clicked on this much anticipated music video, i was so excited, even at first glance, it was reminiscent to your “Honey" music video. i was so giddy, thinking “Mariah is back!!!”….and then you’re on a rock “oh ok” i said, but then…3 minutes later, YOU’RE STILL ON THAT ROCK scratching that same itch in your head, contemplating and thinking “HOLD UP! this is too deep, too deep, i gotta change the station!” Ironically that’s what i wanted to do, CHANGE THE STATION! The "You’re Mine" video was not "too deep." I love your artistry in many of your videos, but this one wasn’t a work of art, my dear. It was a waste of my time and the pain reflected in the this song isn't even half of what I'm feeling inside about the video. Mariah, i was rooting for you. WE WERE ALL rooting for you. If all you want to do is concentrate on your music, i get it, just next time please don’t promote a video for 3 months and end up giving me this lackluster attempt. This video will sure be overlooked by Rihanna's next "pat your coochie while i rub on my tits" video, and I can't blame the public for that. Right now, I am heading to my cabinet to retrieve a Snickers bar, because I truly need a moment right now. 

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