Sunday, March 9, 2014

Porsha tells the housewives why she really married Kordell

If you wanted to watch tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta to see the fight go down between Gregg and Peter, I’m sorry to say that you’re going to have to wait one more week for that. Tonight was the He Said, She Said episode, and it started out with NeNe going to the swimsuit store bagless. and leaving the store BAGLESS! I’m convinced that these housewives are just tired of having mimosas in their Bravo paid houses (Hey kenya) that they have to go to public areas and touch merchandise and walk out….. BAGLESS!

anyways Kenya went to Marlo’s house and Marlo confided in Kenya, that NeNe called Marlo up on 3 way with Cynthia, telling Marlo “If you’re going to be Kenya’s friend, you can’t be mine. Bye Heffa . BOOOOP!”  but here i am, on MY couch asking my other personality “umm so Bravo cameras weren’t around?” why on these REALity shows, the REAL SH-T don’t get aired? UGH

Next up we at Phaedra’s house. she single handedly threw Kenya and Porsha under the biggest tree with the thickest shade in one single quote “when it comes to traveling to Mexico on a trip that Kenya organized, Honey, i would rather have Porsha take my black history final exams” 

Andy Cohan forced Peter to go to Kordell’s house. since Peter’s only role on this show is just to rob his wife’s money for Bar None! Basically Kordell got mad that his mother in law was eating pizza without pepperoni. I understand where he’s coming from. what’s a pizza without pepperoni. 

During the limo ride to the resort, Peter told Porsha about his tea party with Kordell, and had the audacity to tell her that she owes him an explanation. Ironically, Porsha and I had the same identical expression on our face at the same time

now this is when the peach got juicy!!! This is what Porsha said about her and Kordell’s marriage

how our relationship changed and how it became public, was by my choice. and it was for him. he was always the celebrity, he had that before me. but his celebrity was tainted. I told him that i had a plan for us, and that my plan was to be the idea couple. and that whatever’s in his past that was nasty that hurt him, all those rumors, all of dat, i would help him erase that, so i did that for him!

hmm i guess those rumors about Kordell getting caught giving fellatio to a man in a park may ring true after all. 

You can eat that peach or you can let it sit in your fridge. I’m logging off now. 

PS. imma sue Bravo for false advertising. I thought we were going to see Peter and Gregg fight this week. It’s bad enough we missed out on a new episode due to The Academy Awards last Sunday. Now we have to wait another week to see it really go down. And i bet it’s going to be the last 2 minutes of the show. Comment below if you feel me, but if you’re a lazy americano, you can always just press that google+ button and share this post. 

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