Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beyonce paid a publicist to "break her silence" about her doing nothing

After the infamous elevator fight that took place at the Met Gala after party released, Solange got ghost, Jay Z was still applying a bag of ice on his cheek and Beyonce was busy posting instagram pics of her perfect family. Today E! Online and other media outlets claim that Mrs. Carter finally breaks her silence, but when you read the official statement, you will realize that Beyonce didn't 'break her silence' --she broke her bank account and paid her publicist to make this statement (below) 

All reports about Solange and Jay-Z going "jewelry shopping" the day after the tape was sold to TMZ are considered to be false due to Wendy Williams calling Greg Yuna, the jewelry store owner, saying "neither Jay Z nor Solange were in his Manhattan shop as claimed by TMZ," (US WEEKLY)
For the people wondering who leaked the infamous tape. Worry no more, because he has been fired from Standard Hotel (location where the incident took place) and reported to have been paid $250,000 for a leak-well-done!
Two things I have to say about this jigga beat down
1.)  Why when Solange aka "basement baby" finally gets worldwide recognition, she get ghost? I'm 2 minutes away from googling Carmen Sandiego because I'm sure she's with that heaux
2.) Solange just need to release a song called "Elevator Music" I bet that sh*t will go platinum INSTANTLY!!!


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