Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tyler The Creator says Iggy Azalea "Stinks" and got a fake booty (Video Inside)

Today it all went down on 106 & Park when Tyler The Creator (cockroach eater) called out "Fancy" raptress, Iggy Azalea, for having a stank cooch and a fake boot! Nah he really didn't say all that, I just felt that I should bust out a rhyme since I am talking about two rappers in the same post (which is rare for my blog.) 

During a segment titled "kiss, marry, diss" on 106 & Park, host Bow Wow had asked Tyler and the rest of the Odd Future members who they would apply that game to with Rita Ora, M.I.A., and Iggy Azalea. Tyler first said he'd marry they remained hesitant to diss anyone, Bow Wow was adamant that they name someone, and that's when Tyler stepped in and boldly insulted Iggy,

"She stinks. She....she got shots in her thump, I want real booty you feel me?"
Source: Hot New Hip Hop

Since Iggy Azalea doesn't watch 106 & Park like the rest of us, she had to wait until enough mentions came all into her box (pun intended) for her to notice, she tweeted this response.

Then Tyler

but since nobody wanted to be bold and @ each other, that's when Tyler decided to up the ante and finally mention her 

As for Iggy's last response...

Check out the video that started this whole mess

three reasons why you can't take Tyler serisouly

1.) His twitter handle is "Fuck Tyler"
2.) He has a show on Adult Swim, acting a fool on a regular basis
3.) He ate a madagascar cockroach for his video debut for crying out loud!! 

**For anybody that becomes famous, let me leave you with some vital information

When a person says something negative about you in a public venue, that's free promo for you. Do not feed into the hype and cross promote by giving a response. Let them pay for your food!

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