Friday, June 6, 2014


While JLo was performing for free during her 'charity' concert in the Bronx, Casper was packing his duffle bag and got the hell out of dodge (a dumb, expensive dodge...but nevertheless,) Jennifer Lopez and Casper split up after 2 1/2 years. That's 23 dog years people!!! That just has to account for something. 

After that one dude she married, came Diddy, then her back-up dancer Chris, then Ben Affleck (ya I'm still trying to figure that one out,) then her marriage with Marc Anthony, then after seeing Casper: The Friendly Ghost with her twin babies, she got inspired and snagged up another one of her back-up dancers, Casper. 

During their 30 month courtship, Casper has been in the public eye wiping off his girlfriend's sweat during live performances and entering gay establishments. The latest story was Casper trying to get extra friendly on Instagram with a transgender model. The flirtation happened during the time Ms. Lopez was setting up the floor plan for her "I know I've been away from the Bronx since I played Selena in 1997, but to show you guys I'm still Jenny from the block, let me pay for your ticket so you can watch me live and in living color!" tour. 

Sources tell TMZ the breakup had nothing to do with the messages to the transgender model on Instagram and that they actually split up 2 months ago. 

Just when I was on tv asking "how can you mess this one up, [Casper]" HOW!?! smh

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