Monday, June 16, 2014

Zendaya lands the role as Aaliyah, but the people are mad because...

An Aaliyah story has been in the works since Jesus turned water into wine, today it has been revealed that Zendaya Coleman (from Disney's Shake It Up) is ready to portray the One In A Million starlet in a future Biopic movie for Lifetime later this year. An Official announcement will take place tomorrow -June 17th on BET's 106 & Park. 

This project is a longtime coming, since I blogged about it during Myspace. and since Myspace took the liberty in deleting my posts about it (just when I spent 2 days trying to remember my password) the only thing I can tell you is that I was excited that Keshia Chante (picture above) was casted to play Aaliyah. Keshia even went as far as spending weeks with the Haughton family looking over home-made movies and sharing genuine emotion with Aaliyah's mother and brother, Rashad. In 2012 Keshia released this statement regarding the reason why it's been taking so long to complete the process

seems that Keshia really wanted this to work ONLY if her family (the same people she has been in company with) has sole control of this movie, which seems right since it is a movie about HER life, not just the music, but what lead up to it as well.

Now on June 16, 2014 -unbeknownst to the public, Zendaya Coleman snagged the role up like a thief in the night. WHO KNEW? Many people are mad because Zendaya is too young and "too lightskinned" I think it's wrong to have a strong opinion based on looks alone. Contrary to many, I believe Zendaya was a good pick....UNTIL I came across Lolita Price! 

YES! That is not Aaliyah, that is Lolita Price --She has been idolizing Aaliyah for years, even has a youtube video (below) of her reading a script from Romeo Must Die as Aaliyah's character, Trish O Day, but the role goes to Zendaya? I really hope Lolita auditioned, and for whatever circumstance, (has to be dancing, because Lolita looks AND sounds the part) the role went to a Disney character. I'm a true advocate for underdogs, and it makes me feel some sort of way that it went to someone just because of the status of their celebrity, let's hope Zendaya does this right! 

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