Thursday, June 4, 2015

13-Year-Old girl commits suicide due to public shaming (video inside)

Spanking, time-out and being grounded are a few of the disciplinary actions many parents resort to. Now, a new fad called "public shaming" is added to that roster. Public shaming is when a person records his/her actions to ridicule the subject and uploads the video to social media. Izabel Laxamana, 13, decided to jump off a bridge last Friday on May 29.  Days before, a video surfaced (below) of Laxamana's father public shaming his daughter Izabel.

Father: “The consequences of getting messed up, man, you lost all that beautiful hair,” 
(the video pans to the ground, where long locks of black hair are scattered on the ground.) “Was it worth it?”

Izabel: “No.”

Father: “How many times did I warn you?”

Izabel: “A lot.”

On May 29, days later, Izabel "exited a car and jumped off a bridge onto Interstate 5. [Izabel] was taken to a Seattle hospital, where she died on Saturday" Tacoma's News Tribune

These events lead to the start of a gofundme campaign (started by Laxamana's family) and the start of the Justice for Izabel Facebook page. 

The public will never know if the public shaming was the cause of Izabel's suicide, but according to a Google Plus post from last year, Izabel writes about being bullied at school...


If you, or anyone is contemplating suicide, please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

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